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Family Shabbos Dinner Sponsorship

Family Shabbos Dinner Sponsorship



Shabbat Table (small)

Thank G‑d our Family Shabbat Dinners have been growing and have become an integral part of many a family’s Shabbat experience. Children and adults alike look forward to the camaraderie, friendship, delicious food and beautiful Shabbat atmosphere that this monthly dinner provides.

We need sponsors each month and donations from those in attendance to cover the costs of Shabbat Dinner and some of Chabad's overhead costs. Think of a birthday, yartzeit, anniversary  or other special day, or just choose a month or two at random! You do not have to be in attendance to sponsor. 

Please email  to reserve your months – May 2017- April 2018 and enable us to continue this beautiful Shabbat Family Dinner tradition. 

Sponsorship for a Shabbat Dinner is $360 – you can sponsor 2 for $650 and 3 for $825. Payments can be made in installments. Suggested donation for attendance is between $18-$36 per family.

Thank you to those of you who already give so generously of your time and money to help support Chabad and our activities. Your support enables us to provide rich and authentic Jewish experiences to so many families. 


Thank you for your support and friendship!

Rabbi Yosef Chaim and Chaya Sufrin
Chabad of Clarksville


2017 Sponsors

 February Kotler Family 
 March ---- 
 April Seder sponsorship available 



Shabbat the way it's meant to be! 
Turn an ordinary Friday night into a Shabbat Experience. Enjoy a delicious Shabbat dinner in a warm, candle-lit family atmosphere.

You don't have to dress up for the occasion and you don't have to recite your Bar-Mitzvah speech. Bring your friends and taste one of the greatest treasures known to the Jewish people -- Shabbat! 
Zero pressure. Total pleasure!