Our Shul 




Welcome to our Shul! A Shul is more than just a synagogue. The word 'Shul' is Yiddish for a Jewish place of prayer and study, a place of warmth, spiritual uplifting and camaraderie, a place in which every Jew, young and old regardless of background is made to feel at home.

We at Chabad welcome everyone. Come as you are. Come when you want. Leave when you want. Come as often as you want. Bring the entire Family. Treat yourself to something special and meaningful. You’ll feel right at home. No matter where you live, work or study, if you are looking for a place to feel heimish - at home and to express your Jewish soul our Shul is for you.


We are a kid friendly Shul. If your kids are being kids, that’s fine with us. Children of all ages are welcome to participate. We say that G-D appreciates the children’s noise even more than the adult’s prayers.


Chabad of Clarksville is dedicated to helping every Jew appreciate and understand what being Jewish means by increasing their level of knowledge, commitment, and enthusiasm of our heritage. We are here to inform and educate. You do not even have to be member. And no, there are no dues. You do not have to pay to pray.


Our services are traditional, welcoming, and joyous. Even those with limited Jewish experience can feel at ease in our Shul. You don’t have to know how to read Hebrew. Our Hebrew/English prayer books are user friendly. Even a novice will feel at ease.

A place of celebration... A place of comfort for the mourner saying Kaddish... A place to learn and sing ancient and contemporary Jewish melodies. Our Shul and tradition are a link through time connecting us with the chain of Jewish history as well as our future Jewish generations.

Chabad is here for you. Be here at Chabad!