The Chai Club is comprised of individuals committed to the financial support of Chabad of Clarksville.

Chabad of Clarksville is committed to providing educational and enriching programs to every Jew regardless of background, affiliation or financial ability. Our continued growth is made possible by the support we receive from friends like you.

Unlike traditional synagogues, Chabad of Clarksville does not ask for annual membership dues or require any building fund payments. We believe in an open-door policy, where everyone is welcome regardless of affiliation, background or financial status or ability. Yet, like each Chabad Center, we need to cover our own budget. A crucial element of support for Chabad's work comes from hard-working individuals who commit to a monthly contribution. These monthly donations add up and make a great difference in covering Chabad's operational budget.

To help support the myriad holiday and educational programs, social events, humanitarian efforts and religious services of Chabad of Clarksville, we have created the Chai Club and are inviting you to become our partner.

"Chai," meaning “Life” in Hebrew, has a numerical value of 18. By joining the Chai Club, you will become an integral part in the solid, Life-supporting foundation of Jewish Education, community development & helping people in need.

Please join the Chai Club!

A monthly donation of “Chai” ($18, $36, $54, $72, $90, $108, $180 etc.) enrolls you into the club

As a member of the Chai Club, your donation, combined with everyone else’s in this special club, will allow us to continue serving the community’s spiritual needs and provide even more.


As a convenience, you can choose monthly credit card billing. Simply visit our secure online credit card payment form and make sure to click the recurring payment option.

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Alternatively, many banks offer a free, recurring bill pay option, which will help your contribution go even further by avoiding credit card fees. Ask your bank about setting up a recurring donation.


If sending by mail, please send to:
Chabad of Clarksville
6125 Tulane Drive
Clarksville, MD 21029



Thank you to our current Chai Club Partners:

Mendel & Mushkie Baron

Shternie Bulua

David Cohen

Barry & Rena Dubin

Alan & Sharon Faber

Steve & Barbara Gendel 

Jonathan & Michelle Goldberg

Ari & Leah Goldburd

Fred Iskhakov

Rosann Kaplan 

Dave & Jill Krause 

Shalom Maintenance

Andrew & Michelle Maslan

Steve Mendelsohn

Nochum & Fay Sossonko 

Eliyohu & Chana Yael Sufrin

Nechoma Dina Sufrin 

YC & Chaya Sufrin

Michael & Terri Witlin

Yitzchok & Chaya Batya Yarmush